Donation Education

Engaging Educator Materials for the Classroom

Every year, thousands of young people participate in driver’s education and have their first opportunity to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor – a decision that can save and heal more than 75 lives.

Minnesota law requires that all drivers’ education programs (public, private and commercial) include 30 minutes of instruction on organ, eye and tissue donation. You’ve got everything you need right here to create a fun, engaging curriculum. Let’s see what students have to say!

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Explore this Easy Toolkit to Customize Your Curriculum

From video content to games, quizzes and more – this easy-to-use toolkit of resources provides rich and fun activities for students that can be catered to any educational setting. Whether you prefer a digital platform or printable activities, we’ve got your classroom covered with a quick menu of options to easily pick and choose from.

If you have any questions or need materials or assistance while planning your curriculum, please feel free to contact Teresa Turner at We can help provide you with printouts, DVDs for videos, or any other materials you may need – free of charge.

Video Content Library

90% of instructors agree that video content is a useful tool for education.

Explore our video library below to find informational facts, access inspiring stories, and download whatever you need for your unique lesson plan.

Download the Explainer Video Worksheet

Videos About Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

Get the Facts

Complete Set of Donation Education Videos

20 Minutes

This comprehensive video includes a compilation of all fact videos and stories from the community. Simply, press play. You can also download an mp4 file to play it from you computer desktop.

Organ Donation: How the Process Works

1.5 Minutes

Have you ever wondered how the organ donation process actually works? Watch this video and fill out this worksheet to gain a better understanding of the basics. What you learn may surprise you!

Myths & Misconceptions

4 Minutes

There are many questions and common misconceptions about organ, eye and tissue donation. This video helps to set the record straight.

Eye Donation

1.5 Minutes

Have your students ever asked about eye donation? This video provides a quick introduction to the basics.

Tissue Donation

1 Minute

Have your students ever talked about tissue donation? This video provides a quick introduction to the basics.

Stories From the Community

Inspire Students with Stories from Their Peers


Anthony's Story

4 Minutes

16-year-old Anthony made the decision to register as a donor on his state ID card. His gifts of tissue and eyes following his death helped 54 people of all ages in 14 states.

Anna's Story

2.5 Minutes

Anna was just 2 years old when she received a life-saving liver transplant. Today, she is a healthy and active student who honors her donor by competing in the Transplant Games of America.

Keilee's video

Kailee’s Story

3 Minutes

When Kailee was only 6 years old she received a cornea transplant that restored her sight and changed her life. Now she is studying to become an eye doctor in hopes that she can support the same positive impact on others through eye donation.

Let’s Talk Donation

5.5 Minutes

We sent our team out to the school hallways to find out directly from students what they know about organ, eye and tissue donation – and what surprised them the most.

Interactive Activities

Engage Everyone with These Awesome Activities

These activities not only entertain, but they help students retain information.

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Destination Registration Game

Students work together to solve challenges while educating themselves on facts about organ donation throughout the process.

Pop Quiz

A quick, easy and fun activity for students to test their knowledge and learn more about organ, eye and tissue donation.

Fact Sheets

Educate the Entire Classroom with Ease

This series of fact sheets offer a quick way of learning and address the topics students are most curious about like myths, misconceptions, frequently asked questions, how the process works, who can become a donor and more.

Discussion Guide

Spark Meaningful Conversation with Your Class

Help students process and understand any misconceptions they may have about donation and support them in taking pride in their decision to register.

Discussion Guide

From conversation starters to frequently asked questions and more, the discussion can be done together as a class, or you can divide students into smaller groups to self-guide and ensure learning and participation.

Request a Speaker Today

If you have any additional questions or would like to request a speaker for your class,
please contact us today. Speakers include recipients, donor families, healthcare professionals, etc.

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This youth education program was made possible by the “You and $2” check off program. Established by the passage of a bi-partisan bill during the 2011 legislative session, the program supports public education about donation as part of the state’s commitment to ensuring Minnesotans have access to information that allows them to make an informed decision about registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor.