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Spread good vibes as a
registered donor.


Check the donor box on your ID and feel good about saving lives.

Did you know that one donor can save more than 75 lives? Choosing to register today could help others in the future. Sign up right now or at the DMV! 

Get the facts about why donation matters

Here’s the tea – more registered donors = less people waiting!

Have you ever wondered how donation and transplant could impact the people in your life?

2kpeople on the waiting list are under 18 and hoping for a second chance

42%of Minnesotans are still not registered

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Check the box when you get your driver’s license or take a few minutes and register online.

IYKYK…and if you don’t, get the facts!

Have questions about checking the donor box? We’ve got answers.

Who can check the box?

Should my age or health stop me from checking the box?

Is my life the priority?

How does the waiting list work?

What can be donated?

Need more info?

There are many myths and misconceptions about donation. Check out these quick videos and get the facts.

Take a few minutes to register today!