Get Involved

Whether your connection is one of gratitude and joy or sorrow and healing, we invite you to be part of the inspiring community of organ, eye and tissue donation. Together we can save lives!

Spread the message

Share the lifesaving message of donation in your personal and professional networks by talking with your family and friends, sending them an email or sharing on social media. If you are a registered donor, share your decision.

Become an ambassador

Donate Life Ambassadors share their time and talents as volunteers with LifeSource to selflessly share their stories in their community and encourage people to register as organ, eye and tissue donors and save lives. Learn more about the program and read about ambassador opportunities.

Find support with other donor families

LifeSource provides support to donor families both at the time of donation and in the months and years following their loved one’s death through grief support, remembrance events and managing correspondence between donor families and recipients. Donor families often find healing in connecting with other grieving families who are traveling a similar path. Learn more about the program and connect with LifeSource donor family advocates here.

Make a financial contribution

When more people are registered as donors, more lives are saved. The sad reality remains that there are many more people waiting for a transplant than there are organs available. LifeSource’s public education program aims to provide the information and inspiration our citizens need to register as a donor. Your contribution to LifeSource helps support public education and donor family support.