LifeSource is proud to offer our e-learning course, Donation 101, in response to feedback from driver’s license professionals looking for more information and training about this important aspect of their work. This new training can be completed individually or in a group setting and takes about nine minutes to complete.

We will continue to do in-person training as requested and created this e-learning as an additional resource for you. All driver’s license professionals who complete the training before July 1, 2016 will have the option to order a small gift as a thank you for your time and participation. We greatly appreciate everything you do to help our communities be Minnesota nice and register as an organ, eye and tissue donor.

Click here to access the e-Learning site, and then follow the directions below to find Donation 101:

1. Select your state from the drop down: Minnesota
2. Select your role from the drop down: Driver’s License Office
3. Click “Find Courses
4. Click “Donation 101
5. Enter password “lifesource
6. Review all slides in the presentation
7. Click “Start the Quiz
a. Enter your full name
b. Choose your office location from the drop down options
c. Choose if you are talking the course alone or in a group
i. If in a group, enter how many people are in your group
d. Click “Next” to start quiz
8. Answer each question as best you can and click “Next” after you complete each question.
a. You may review the material during the quiz by clicking the “Material” tab. Click the “Quiz” tab to return to the quiz where you left off.
9. Click “Finish” once you have completed the quiz.

Please contact Jessie Fiene with any questions at jfiene@life-source.org or 612.800.6252.